We are an established UK company. All data is held at a secure data centre in the UK.
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How do I get started?

Simply download the free trial. Double click to start the install wizard and the software will ask you to choose your account name and password. It'll allow you to choose when you want the backups to occur, then you select your data for backup and you are ready to go! After the 30 day free trial we will contact you to see if you want to sign-up permanently.

What is your cancellation policy?

A: Customers pay in advance for each month they use our service, so they can simply choose not to renew the service at the end of any monthly period. (Unfortunately, we cannot issue any refunds once the monthly period begins.)

I have a large hard drive. Won't I need a lot of storage space?

A: No. Users generally need to backup only their data files, not program files.

Do I need any special equipment or software to use the service?

A: Just a PC, MAC or Server running any recent version of Windows, OS, or Linux, and an Internet connection.  As part of our service we provide you with the backup software you'll need.

Is there any charge for retrieval?

A: No. You can retrieve as much data as you want, as often as you want.

How difficult is it to retrieve my data?

A: It couldn't be easier. Using your web browser, you simply point-and-click the information you want to restore. You can restore one file or your entire data set.

How much data can I back up?

A: As much as you want. You will be charged based on your pricing plan and the actual amount of data that you store. See the "Pricing" page for more information.

How often will my computer be backed up?

A: As often as you want, because you set a backup schedule that works best for your company.

Where will my files be stored?

A: Your files will be transferred to our secure servers, which are protected by onsite security and restricted access. We utilize a state-of-the-art storage area network and redundant storage components to ensure the security, accuracy, and availability of your data.

How long will my backups take?

A: Our compression algorithms and high-speed Internet connections ensure that your backups are completed as fast as possible. The length of each backup depends on amount of data being backed-up and your own Internet connection speed. A typical backup takes around 10 minutes.

Can I backup multiple computers?

A: Yes. Simply install the backup software on each computer that you want to backup.  Each computer will have a unique account, but all computers under the same master account are billed on a single invoice.

How secure are the encrypted files?

A: We offer some of the strongest encryption technology available.  See the "About Us" page for more detailed security information.

How are my files transferred?

A: Your files are transferred electronically via the Internet. Before your files are sent, they are compressed and encrypted for security purposes. The encryption process ensures that no one but you has access to your data.

I already backup my files on tape, so why do I need SMD?

Saving to tapes, CD’s and removable media may be simple enough but it’s not instant and requires some degree of commitment to make sure it’s done day in day out. What’s more, storage media can come in for some pretty rough handling, which can render data useless and impossible to recover. Once stored where is the media kept? If it’s safely offsite it’s no good to an on-site field engineer or a manager in the middle of a meeting. With SMD there is no media and when you want your data it takes just seconds to retrieve any chosen file.

Current office backup equipment can be very expensive. Media tapes, cleaning tapes and disks are not cheap, easily lost or stolen and need constant replacement. SMD is a scalable solution that will grow as your company need grows. With SMD there is no up-front capital expenditure and no need for special equipment or media.

Do I need to sign a contract?

A: No. All our customers do to sign-up is send us a signed direct debit form (downloadable from the Pricing page).  The service can be cancelled at any time by asking us to close the account or by simply cancelling the direct debit.

I have a new PC, how do I reinstall my backup?

A: Simply download the 30 day free trial by clicking HERE.  After download is complete double click the downloaded file to start the install.

The install wizard will give the option to "create a new" or "connect to an existing" account.  Select connect to an existing account.  You will then be prompted for your User Name, Password and Encryption Key.

Complete the wizard and the backup software will establish a connection to the SaveMyData storage platform.

You will need to re-select the files and folders for backup.

It is likely that, with the new computer, the location of your work files will have changed.  This means your first backup will be a full one and will take considerably longer than subsequent ones.

How do I backup Outlook Express?

Don't overlook the importance of backing up your Outlook Express files.  They can contain all of your contact information, sent and received emails, and tasks.

Microsoft Outlook Express files have a tendency to get quite large.

Microsoft Outlook Express stores your email and contact information is a single folder. Within this folder there are individual database files known as .dbx files.  There will be an Inbox.dbx, an Outbox.dbx, a Contacts.dbx and a variety of others including any new folders that you have created using Outlook Express (if you created a "Friends" folder there will be a corresponding Friends.dbx file). By backing up these database files you will be backing up all your Outlook Express information.

These files are difficult to locate, to do so open Outlook Express and click; Tools, Options, Maintenance Tab and then click the Store Folder button. You will be presented with a Store location window displaying the path to the folder containing the database files.  This path is often very long and usually looks something like this;

C:\Documents and Settings\User\local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{35738568-A352-4281-A074-1FFC0EDEC1AC}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

Your data files are stored in the last folder “Outlook Express” so make a note of it and add this folder to your backup.

How do I backup Outlook?

Don't overlook the importance of backing up your Outlook files.  They can contain all of your contact information, sent and received emails, and tasks.

Microsoft Outlook files can be difficult to locate.  Outlook files are known as .pst files.  To find out where they are located, inside of Outlook;

1. Click - Tools, Options, Mail Setup Tab, Data Files
2. Then select Personal Folders so that it is highlighted blue and click Settings
3. In the Filename box you will see the full path (location) of the Outlook.pst file.

Make a note of the path and add the Outlook.pst file to your backup. By backing up this file you will be backing up your Outlook information.  Microsoft Outlook files have a tendency to get quite large.

How do I use the Webfile manager?

Click the login button on upper right of this page and enter your user name and password.

How do I change my account Password?

Open the SaveMyData backup software and the change password option is under user profile.

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